Winnie Knows Campaign

Campaign Overview

Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies (WPH) opened in 2006 and maintains one of the busiest labor and delivery units in the country, delivering an average of 13,000 babies a year. At the time of the campaign, WPH had expanded their Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) to 142 beds, making it the largest NICU in the nation under one roof.

Business Challenge/Problem:

While WPH had consistently maintained preference in choice for obstetrics and gynecologic services, local competitors were opening new facilities and gaining market share. WPH needed to not only maintain their position as the preferred provider, but also increase brand awareness and referrals.

JRG Solution and Implementation

After conducting market research, JRG recommended a strong, multi-channel, integrated advertising and media campaign that included leveraging traditional channels as well as using high performing and cost effective digital strategies. The campaign emphasized WPH’s strengths – leading edge clinical care and a history of trust derived from providing decades of expert care for women and babies. Patient testimonials showed new moms and expecting moms next to their mothers, illustrating a continuity of care that spans generations.

Digital tactics included developing a new microsite, landing pages, downloadable guides, display banners, a social media plan and blog posts. Digital assets were developed to accommodate a wide variety of devices and operating systems.

Traditional marketing channels included radio, billboard and television, which were purchased in key markets. Print items included direct mail (both business and consumer), and posters.

  • J. Robinson Group implemented a strong, multi-channel advertising and media campaign with a focus in leveraging high performing and cost effective strategies, including:
    • Market Research
    • Organize Photography and Video Shoots
    • TV
    • Digital
    • Social
    • Radio
    • Billboard
    • Print


The results of the Winnie Knows Campaign included:

  • Enhanced brand awareness  with 82.1 million impressions the first year
  • Targeted and acquired new patients
  • Maintained the loyalty of existing patients and private physicians